About Shahriar steel’s Deformed Bar
** Shahriar deformed bar’s are manufactured as per international standard of ASTM A-615 and BS-4449 under the direct supervision of a group of experienced graduate engineer’s; who are working round the clock to ensure quality of the product.
** Shahriar 60-grade and 40-grade deformed bar’s are manufacture from  100mm x 100mm x 500mm steel bills produced by the continuous casting plant using the latest technology of the world where synchronized oscillators are used for casting. The plant has been supplied and installed by CHILL MEK of India.
** The process of manufacturing billets consists of melting mild steel scrap HMS-1, HBI and Sponge Iron in 15MT & 7MT capacity induction melting furnaces where required quantity of Ferro-Alloys are added conforming to the specification of international standard. Samples are collected from the liquid steel in the furnace and these samples are tested in a most modern spectrometer where 20 elements of the liquid steel are
Simultaneously   analyzed and displayed on the screen, which indicates for any addition of Ferro-Alloys for standard billet making and when the composition is found OK. the temperature of the liquid steel is raised to a desired temperature. The liquid metal thus produced is poured in a 17MT capacity ladle. The liquid steel with the ladle is taken up to the continuous casting plant for casting of 1000mm X 100mm X 6000mm billets. The billets thus produced in CCM are analyzed in spectrometer to check the composition and if found satisfactory only then the billets are transferred to Automatic Re-rolling unit for production of bars.
** Thereafter, The deformed bars are transferred to physical testing laboratory where yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation tests are carried out in 100MT capacity digital universal testing machine. When all the results are satisfactory only then these bars are certified for marketing. Therefore, there is no doubt regarding the quality of shahriar’s deformed bar; which is of international standard.
** Shahriar’s deformed bars can easily be identified as in case of 60-grade it bears a frog marks of SSRM 60G 400 and incase of 40-grade it bears frog marks of SSRM 40G 300 in every running meter.
** Shahriar’s 60-grade & 40-grade deformed bars are 30% more economical then the other’s bar of the market.
** Shahriar’s deformed bars are also BSTI Certified.

** Shahriar’s deformed bars are tested frequently from BUET.


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