Parameters Tolerances
Billet Size ±4 mm
Rhombodity Max. 6 mm or 3%
Straightness 15 mm/meter
Porosity No
Cracks No
Length ±100 mm
Angular Twist Max. 1⁰/meter
Corner Radius Max. 10 mm
Widening of extremities Max. 14 mm
Billet End Straight & clean

Shahriar steel melting shop comprises with 4 Nos. Induction furnaces and Continuous casting machine (CCM) having Capacity to produce 3,00,000 metric Tons of MS Billets per annum has played a significant roll to back up our production of MS DEFORMED BARS at our rolling mills. Our steel melting shop directed by qualified personnel where efficient engineers and technicians working hard to achieve maximum production with ensuring quality by maintaining national & international standard. There is a chemical laboratory having facilites to analyze chemical composition of steel grades by most modern spectrometer and other sophisticated equipments to determine the percentage of Carbon. Manganese, Sulfur, Phosphorous and other elements. A purchaser has the opportunity to analysis the specimen from ” shahriar Steel” to check the composition in accordance with standards. There is air pollution control (APC) plant inside the establishment. It removes hazardous particles from the smoke emits and keeps the environment sound and healthy. Also, maximum precaution for safety measure is strictly maintained in our plant.

Surface Defects:

  • Surface shrinkage & secondary shrinkage. Surface porosity and/or separate skin are not allowed.
  • Surface cracks, Scabs, Macro-inclusions, Laps, Double Skin, Shearing Cracks and/or Protruding materials are not allowed.
  • Scratches, Rolling traces, Concavities, Pin-holes and Oscillation marks are allowed for a maximum depth of 1 mm.

Billets having surface defects larger than the limitations, mentioned above are allowed to be surface conditioned by grinding.

In case of grinding, the ground area shall be well rounded and smooth without sharp edges. Max depth of the ground area shall be 10 mm. the length of the ground area shall not be less than 30 times the depth and the width be not less than 10 times of depth.

If billet corners are ground, the resulting new corner has to be well rounded on both sides.

The maximum permitted value for cumulative decarburization is 1.0% of the billet side length. The total decarburization (Pure Ferrite) is not acceptable.

Inner Defects:
The inner quality of the starting billets shall be evaluated through Sulphar prints, acids macro-etches and stereo macro scope.