Thermo machanically treated steel known as a TMT steel can be introduce as a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such as superior weld ability, high Strength with ductility and bend ability meeting highest quality standards, at internatinal level. under thermo mechanical treatment (TMT) of bars, the steel bars are made of pass through a specially designed water cooling System where these are kept for such a period that outer surface of bars becomes colder while the core remains horghis creates a temperature gradient in the bars. When the bars are taken out of the cooling system, the heat flows from the core to the outer surface causing further tempering of steel bars ttereby helping them in attaining higher yield strength without minimizing ductility.

To decide the percentage of carbon content in steel has been a major challenge for the Engineers. While certain minimum carbon content in steel is essential to achive the required strength, an excess of carbon content threatens its property of weld ability. In TMT bars, this problem has been eliminated. In these bars, the carbon content restricted to 0.24% to attain weld ability and at the same time no strength is lost on this account. The joints can be welded by ordinary electrodes and no extra precautions are required.

Another advantage of TMT bars is their tough surface providing high yield strength and a soft core providing excvellent ductility. Strength, weld ability and ductility are such properties which declare TMT steel highly economical and safe for use.

Why you Prefer SSRM


  • Reinforces the Tension Capacity of the Concrete.
  • Tensile Strength of Concrete is very low, So Reinforcement is Required to Resist Tensile Forces.
  • Resist not only Tensile Forces but also the Compressive forces as in the case of Struts & Columns.
  • It minimizes the Micro-Cracking due to Secondary Effects such as Shrinkage, Creep, Moisture & Thermal Variations. • More Reinforcement doesn’t mean more Strength hence proper designed quantity of Steel based on Analysis is Must.

Fire Resistance:
Withstand High Temperature up to 700°C.

Due to High Elongation & Ductility TMT bars are highly Seismic Resistant-Hence Preferred in Earthquake Zones- Guaranteed elongation well above 16% ( Usually 20% – 30%)

Corrosion Resistance:
Chemical Composition along with TMT Process Avoids Torsional Residual Stresses in the Bar.

Exhibits very high Bendability & Re-Bendability due to lower Carbon Content & Higher Elongation.

TMT Bars don’t Suffer from loss of Strength due to Excellent Weldability. Weldability is Consistent. No Pre-heating or Post Heating is necessary during Welding.

Saving of more than 15% in Steel Consumption.

Superior product with Consistent Properties.

Immediate Delivery:
Possible to Dispatch Customers almost Immediately after rolling is Complete.

Toughness, Hardness, Excellent Straightness, High Strength, High Fatigue Resistance on Dynamic Loading.

Nominal Diameter (mm) Nominal Weight (Kg/m) Tolerances Cross Sectional Area (mm2) Unit Weight (Kg/m) Actual Dia. (mm) Approx. Length per MT
Minimum Maximum Average Minimum Maximum Meter Feet
8 0.395 ±8 50.27 0.383 0.395 0.389 7.88 8.00 2571 8434
10 0.617 ±6 78.54 0.598 0.617 0.608 9.85 10.00 1646 5401
12 0.888 ±6 113.10 0.861 0.888 0.875 11.82 12.00 1144 3752
16 1.580 ±5 201.06 1.548 1.580 1.564 15.85 16.00 639 2098
20 2.470 ±5 314.16 2.421 2.467 2.444 19.82 20.00 409 1342
22 2.984 ±4 380.13 2.924 2.984 2.954 21.78 22.00 339 1111
25 3.850 ±4 490.88 3.773 3.853 3.813 24.74 28.00 262 860
28 4.840 ±4 615.75 4.743 4.840 4.792 27.74 28.00 209 685
32 6.310 ±4 804.25 6.184 6.310 3.247 31.67 32.00 160 525